GTX, Reg. White True 60g




GTX, Reg. White True 60g 

Introducing True White, a basic white hue that adds brightness and clarity to your artistic palette. This versatile shade is perfect for creating highlights, adding contrast, or blending colours to achieve the perfect balance in your artwork.

GTX was created by a small family owned business from Georgetown, Texas.

Designed with the creative artist in mind.

Available in 60g and 120g containers. The artist can cut the individual cakes to create their own custom one-strokes and split blend cakes based on their creativity. The angular boxes are designed to make the cake-making process easy. 

With a high glycerine content, GTX boasts a clay-like consistency that requires minimal water for activation. This unique formulation delivers a soft, pliable texture that feels gentle on the skin while offering impeccable coverage when applied correctly. Its versatility extends to repotting and replenishing existing cakes, ensuring long-lasting use.

Designed to slice and press back into your cake, you can also use these cakes to refill low spots in your one strokes if they wear down unevenly. 

GTX Refresher Spray is perfect to “refresh”  your cakes if they harden.

As with all brands, colours vary in consistency but with experimenting you can create fantastic split cakes from your own imagination.

Designed to last for hours on your skin without fading or smudging, however, like most face paint, if it gets wet, cried on, eaten over, etc., it will smudge and rub off.

Check out GTX, Usage Instructions & Important Information.

Water activated, use a damp sponge or brush to rub back and forth against the surface of the cake to active the paint. Work it up into a nice thick cream and brush or sponge onto the skin. 

GTX Face Paints are professional grade face paints, but like with any face paint out there it may stain the skin temporarily depending on the persons skin. Remove with hand or face soap, or makeup remover.

It's soft and pliable textures makes it the perfect paint for repotting and replenishing existing cakes.

This is a pro-grade line, and should only be used by professionals. Non-toxic and safe for the skin, but it should not be ingested or applied near the eyes or mouth. 

We recommend using our face paint for children aged 3 years and above.

GTX Facepaint is a registered, FDA compliant line of professional face paint that meets UK and EU regulations as well as Health Canada standards. 

GTX is cruelty-free,  paraben and perfume free and vegan-friendly. No products tested on animals, nor do GTX use any animal-derived ingredients in their formulas.

Click here for GTX, Ingredients

Click here for GTX Data Sheet

60g square pot approx. - 70mm x 95mm x 25mm

120g square pot approx. - 85mm x 85mm x 25mm

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