Brush & Sponge By Brand

     Magic Box stock a huge collection of Face Painting Brushes from the worlds leading brands. All our brushes have been chosen for quality and workmanship.

We stock Flat, Round, Filbert, Angled and many specialty brushes including Liners, Flowers, Spotter’s and more.

Face Painting Brushes are disposable, but extending the life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. Dont leave in water and clean and dry after every use.






Tips and Techniques,

Round, Thick to thin strokes; for detail or filling in large areas depending on brush size and pressure applied.

Liner, Very long hairs create consistent thick to thin lines for tree branches, vines and foliage.

Spotter, Perfect for detail work; very fine precise lines, and miniature painting. Hair length is shorter than in rounds.

Flat, are medium in length compared to shorter length chisel blenders and strokes which are longer

Use on the flat side for filling in areas of colour or chiseled edge for creating thin lines.

Chisel, Short controlled strokes, more precise placement of colour than a Flat-Shader, recommended for detail work

Filbert, Similar to a Flat Shader with a rounded versus a straight across tip, for creating soft edges like a Flower Petal.

Wash, Broad strokes, base coating, applying colour to larger areas like backgrounds

One Stroke, Ideal for One Stroke cakes, Longer hair length than a Wash and Flat. Perfect for covering large areas, holds many colours.

Angle, Blending in tight areas, creates crisp edges and precise control, can also make lines.

Flower, A filbert shape brush but instead of a rounded end it comes to a crisp point to fine detail and lines, perfect for flowers and petals.

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