Silly Farm

In 2009 Silly Farm created a line of mini rainbow cakes, called Arty Cakes. 
Arty and Rainbow Cakes changed the face painting world, by allowing painters to create beautifully blended strokes, with one swipe of their sponge.
Perfect to create Tigers, Butterflies, Snakes, Rainbows, Flowers, Princess Crowns and so much more. 
Over the years, Silly Farm have teamed up with leading artists to bring exclusive collections of both Arty and Rainbow cakes, plus a popular range of Glitter and Brushes.






Silly Farm  Products include, Arty cakes, Rainbow cakes, Mama Clown glitter for facepainting and tattoos.
Silly Farm are an American based company from South Florida who supply a wide range of high quality and innovative Arty Cakes and Rainbow cakes alongside very popular brushes.  

















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