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Product name: Tag, 1 Stroke Split Cake, Leaf Yellow

Reviewer name: Sarah B. Date: 04/02/22

Not just for leaves

I use this for dragons, snakes, as a minecraft background and of course for leaves. A fab spit cake and lovely to use.



Product name: FPA 28g Brush Combo, Booyon

Reviewer: Elizabeth D  Date: 03/02/22

A lovely shimmer

It has a lovely shimmer to it but unfortunately the dark blue stains quite badly.




Product name: Global Pearl 32g, Sage

Reviewer: Laura S  Date 02/02/22

Super shimmer
Such a lush colour and so pleased a UK stockist finally sells it!!
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Product name:  Rinse Well

Reviewer name: Georgia W. Date: 31/01/22

Time saver!

I cannot believe how much I love the rinse well. Previously, I was just using 2 plastic cups. It did the job but they did not look great and it would waste time having to keep changing the water during busy events. Now with the press of a button I can have clean water ready to use. It looks professional and packs away very easily. Not to mention the Magic Box's great price! I would definitely recommend the Rinse Well. A simple product but a complete game changer.



Product name: DFX, 1 Stroke Split Cake, Monsoon

Reviewer name: Laura S. Date: 29/01/22

One of my favourite blue

One of my favourite blue onestrokes as it has the added pale lavender.



Product name: Global 25g Fun Strokes, Rainbow

Reviewer name: Kana K. Date: 26/01/22

Pretty but very dark and vibrant

its pretty, but too dark and vibrant its grea for personal projects but I don't use it on the public



Product name: Milena, Shark Set

Reviewer name: Laura S. Date: 23/01/22

Shark stencil

A little different to the original seen on Milena's Instagram (SBS video) however a cool, quicker alternative to hand painting.



Product name: Global Factory 2nds, 50g Bright Rainbow

Reviewer name: Andrea F. Date: 19/01/22

Really lovely colours, very pleased.

Really lovely colours, very pleased.



Product name: Tag, 90g Black
Reviewer name: Tammy B. Date: 16/01/22





Product name: Superstar 16g Buy 6 Get 1 Free
Reviewer name: Laura C. Date: 07/01/22

Great deal

I always take advantage of this when stocking up: it's such a bargain especially as it includes the shimmers (you NEED Ziva Shimmer, you do!), I always restock five or six of my regulars and then use the "free" one to try a new colour. As always my order arrived quickly, well packaged and with a welcome little surprise treat :)



Product name: Gillian Child, Arty Cake Offer

Reviewer name: Daniela R. Date: 06/01/22


Gorgeous colours together - really pleased with the ones I chose as part of the offer. Thank you Magic Box



Product name: Superstar 16g Buy 6 Get 1 Free

Reviewer name: Wendy R. Date: 03/01/22

Great deal

Lovely colours, boxed well and fast shipping




Product Name: Tag Petal Sponge- 6 Pack

Reviewer: Kate L  Date: 07/12/21


A must have in any face painters kit



Product Name: DFX, 1 Stroke Split Cake, Seabreeze

Reviewer: Claire M  Date: 06/12/21


I love this one stroke so of cause im happy with my order.



Product Name: Rainbow Cake, Juicy Fruit

Reviewer: Nyomie M  Date: 06/12/21

Silly farm gorgeousness

Love this cake...super versatile , princess crowns, roses ,butterflies. Good buy



Product Name:  Diamond FX, White 90g

Reviewer: Kate L   Date: 02/12/21


Standard goto in any FP kit. Great for linework



Product Name: Paty De Leon, Blue Bonnet Arty Cake

Reviewer: Chloe R  Date: 02/12/21


Beautiful colours one of my favourite blue onestrokes nice and smooth paint



Product Name: Pixie Paint, Fifi Royale, 4oz

Reviewer: Kate L  Date: 26/11/21





Product Name: Superstar 16g x 24 Palette

Reviewer: Nyomie M  Date: 25/11/21

Love this pallete

Beautiful paints ..especially the shimmers. Excellent service from the lovely people at Magicbox as per usual 👏:skin-tone-4: thank you 😊



Product Name: FPA 50g Combo, Kristin Olsson, Wisteria

Reviewer: MICHELLE R  Date: 24/11/21

No product

Have not received product.



Product Name: Tag, Brush Kit

Reviewer: Nicky  Date: 20/11/21


WOW, bought this for my daughter and she will be so pleased, Looks way better in real life and the quality is great, will definitely order from this range again



Product Name: Global, Angle Short 3/4"

Reviewer: Lou A   Date: 25/10/21

Great Brush

Its a firm brush which is great for good controlled lines



Product Name: Susy Amaro's, Easy Stroke, Pineapple Arty Cake

Reviewer: sophie  Date: 18/10/21

Love this paint for minions, bees etc..

I love that you can get a good blended outline with these one strokes.



Product Name: Camerons, Icy Arty Cake

Reviewer: sophie  Date: 04/10/21

Okay prefer other blue one strokes

I like this one stroke with a quarter inch slanted brush



Product Name: Tag, 32g Pearl Lime

Reviewer: Nicky G  Date: 03/10/21


Amazing selection x friendly staff and super fast postage x thanks guys x :u1F970:💗



Product Name: Diamond FX, Azure Light 30g

Reviewer:  Deniz A  Date: 02/10/21

Very good consistency

Very good consistency



Product Name: Kingart 9430 Petal Round 3pc. Set

Reviewer: sophie  Date: 30/09/21

Awesome brushes

These brushes are great. I use them for tear drops, swirls, tiger stripes, leopard spots and line work



Product Name:  DFX, Neon 1 Stroke Split Cake, Neon Sun

Reviewer: Daniela R  Date: 30/09/21

Beautiful colours

Delighted with purchase



Product Name: Carnival Blends, Misguided

Reviewer: Dawn C   Date: 27/09/21

Lovely festival glitters

These are my favourite festival mixes - beautiful blends of colours and sizes and the shape of the pieces makes them lovely and smooth to apply and wear. This mix is a much brighter pink than it appeared on my computer monitor [I was expecting a more purple tone] but still gorgeous.



Product Name: FPA 30g, Essential Buy 6 get 1 Free

Reviewer: Michelle B  Date: 25/09/21

Fantastic value, great paints, definitely

Fantastic value, great paints, definitely recommend



Product Name: Global 32g, White

Reviewer: Joey L  Date: 04/09/21


Good colour and easy to use.



Product Name: DFX, Neon 1 Stroke Split Cake, Neon Nights

Reviewer: Joey L  Date: 30/08/21


The colour is great.



Product Name: Kingart, Original Gold, Round Petal 6

Reviewer: Juliet E  Date: 29/08/21

This is the 'Dog's' of

This is the 'Dog's' of the face painting world! Can't do without at least 6 in my kit. 😁



Product Name: Superstar 16g Buy 6 Get 1 Free

Reviewer: Gemma D  Date: 27/08/21


Great product, vibrant and good quality. Great value with the offer and magicbox were really friendly and helpful.



Product Name: Milena, Dragon Cartoon Set

Reviewer: Kate M  Date: 27/08/21

Great item well.made

Well made lovely stencil



Product Name: Kingart, Original Gold, Round Petal 14

Reviewer: Juliet E   Date: 18/08/21

Beautiful brush!

Perfect point and flexibility!



Product Name: Cake, StarBlend, Ebony

Reviewer: Belinda W  Date: 16/08/21


A must for your face paint kit.



Product Name: Diva Classic, Ballerina 3

Reviewer: Cherry L  Date: 12/08/21

Very nice

Very nice



Product Name: Susy Amaro's, Easy Stroke, Pirate Red Arty Cake

Reviewer: Belinda W  Date: 06/08/21

Pirate red

This one stroke is amazing for pirates & spider man. Vibrant red with the darker red & black means no outline needed. Win win !!



Product Name: Beauty So Clean, Brush Cleaner

Reviewer: Jo k.  Date: 30/07/21

Perfect for new hygiene protocols

Now back working, and changing our face painting risk assessment I’m using this product to spray brushes in between paints. Should last ages hopefully! Gives clients confidence along with other cleaning regimes. Jo funky faces Worcester



Product Name: Superstar Monster Mash Palette

Reviewer: Rebecca H  Date: 29/07/21

Very Monstery!

Lovely colours for creating all sorts of looks. Great texture and long lasting colours. Recommend



Product Name: Flora 7930 No 6

Reviewer: Clare H.  Date: 13/07/21

Love this brush

Love this brush



Product Name: Leanne's Rainbow, Flower 3/8" Brush

Reviewer: Ildiko N.  Date: 09/07/21





Product Name: Global, Furry Friends

Reviewer: Helen  Date: 07/07/21


A fab set of colours, with some Global colours and splits only found in this set. The rectangle cakes makes maximizing space in a small face painting kit a dream which with the other Global rectangle cakes means my kit has more colours than I could imagine I could fit into my little case instead of a handful of round cakes



Product Name:  Nat Davies, Boyesnberry, Arty Cake

Reviewer: Therese M.  Date: 07/07/21

Love it

Love this cake.. It makes stunning butterflies!



Product Name: Nat Davies, Peaches n Cream, Arty Cake

Reviewer: Therese M.  Date: 02/07/21

Lovely one stroke

I've had this one before and had to replace once it was empty. Love it, makes lovely bright face paints. Service from Magicbox was excellent as per!! Thanks everyone x



Product Name: Tag Petal Sponge- 6 Pack

Reviewer: Andrea S.  Date: 11/06/21

Always a great sponge for

Always a great sponge for butterfly faces..



Product Name: Rinse Well

Reviewer: Josephine O.  Date: 11/06/21

Not impressed

Looks dirty after first use... can not clean easy. Push down button very flimpsey....



Product Name:  Tag, One Stroke Special Offer

Reviewer: Kelly W. Date: 03/06/21

One stroke offer

Great offer and great quality 👍



Product Name:  Leanne's Petal Palette fx, Fairy Collection

Reviewer: Karen H.  Date: 30/05/21


Beautiful colours love this palette 🎨😍



Product Name:  DFX, 1 Stroke Split Cake, Spring

Reviewer: Rachel D. Date: 28/05/21


Great service, quality product, good prices too! Happy to recommend!



Product Name:  Superstar 16g Buy 6 Get 1 Free

Reviewer: Kay N. Date: 28/05/21

Great value

So happy with these paints



Product Name:  Dfx Petal Sponge x 7

Reviewer: Margaret J. Date: 16/05/21

Petal songes

Perfectly soft and picks up the paint very well. Great shape for easy designs. Was delivered right before I needed them. Thanks



Product Name: Elisa Griffith 3.5g, Limeade (12)

Reviewer: Joanne G.  Date: 14/05/21

Perfect colour!

This is a lovely product and easy to apply with a smoothie blender.



Product Name:DFX (Blue) Soft Sponge (bag of 12)

Reviewer: Margaret J  Date: 11.5.21

Lovely and soft. Came just in time for job too.



Product Name: Bolt, velvet Smoothie Blender

Reviewer: Joanne G  Date 10.5.21

just what I needed to use with star blends. Very nice finish and delivered very quickly.



Product Name: DFX 1 stroke Forest

Reviewer: Katy L Date 7.5.21

Thanks so much for my order. Also I love how organised the website is I found exactly what I needed.. And then some! Well definitely be ordering again



Product Name: Fairy Snuff 6 Bright Glitter palette

Reviewer: Jo E  Date 7.5.21

I love this excellent product it goes right over my dried face paint on the kids. Thank you so much!



Product Name: Tag 1 Stroke split cake Yellow Leaf

Reviewer: Margaret J Date 7.5.21

Really like tbis



Product Name: Case Insert, Tag & DFX  9x 50g

Reviewer: Dawn C  Date 21.4.21

Just what I needed for reorganising my kit - perfect for a freshen-up or to replace a worn-out insert.



Product Name: Global 25g Funstroke Skull

Reviewer: Joanne G  Date 19.4.21

Great Product

Excellent value for money, quality product.



Product Name: Select Angle Shader 1/2"

Reviewer: Steve B  Date 19.4.21

Excellent brushes and great service

I bought 4 Princeton brushes - 3 angle shaders (from 5/8 inches down to 1/4 inch) and one detail round brush - all have been lovely to work with and are great quality.



Product Name: Superstar Brush Set

Reviewer: Gill    Date 18.4.21

Great quality brushes and a good range of brush sizes and styles.



Product Name: Dauber, Pack

Reviewer: Dawn C    Date 16.4.21

Lovely handy little things these - great to use with split cakes.



Product Name: Brush Bath Spray 4oz

Reviewer: David Y    Date 25.3.21

Excellent product and Service

The spray arrived very quickly and is of excellent quality Highly recommended!



Product Name: DFX Round Brush No 2

Reviewer: Lyndsay F    Date 20.3.21

Great brush



Product Name: Superstar 16g Buy 6 get 1 Free

Reviewer: Emily S    Date 11.3.21

Fab paints and a speedy delivery

Love superstar paints and arrived next day



Product Name: Rinse Well

Reviewer: Elisabeth H    Date 2.3.21

I can’t be without my brush cleaner

This is the 2nd Rinsewell they l’ve brought but the first time that l’ve I used them as they had the cheapest price when l googled it and was actually around the price that l paid a couple of years ago when l brought mine. Rinsewells are fantastic for Water colouring as you have a constant amount of clean water which doesn’t pollute the colours. Can’t fault the service that l got from Magicbox especially in these Lockdown times. Will happily use againl


 Product Name: Diamond FX, Black 30g 

Reviewer: Elizabeth I          Date 19.2.21

Pot has Changed

Great paint. Not sure why the pot design has changed, but I haven't tried it in my kit yet, I hope it still fits. 



Product Name: Dream Colour, Unicorn

Reviewer: Sam G.          Date 19.2.21

Lovely colours and easy to blend



Product Name: Grimas, MS14 Brush

Reviewer: Sam G          Date 14.12.20

Perfect for face painting. Very good for flowers.


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