Brush Tub




Our Rectangular Brush Tub is a great necessity for face painters.

The Brush Tub has two different sides. One side consists of graduated slats and the other is split with indentations for brushes.

Tips....Water should be placed in both sections of the container, the side with the slats, should only be filled to just 8mm above the slats. This side is for cleaning all the paint and pigment out of your brushes. Scrape the brush along the slats which will remove paint. The other side is for your clean water. The indentations are for you to hold your brushes to avoid laying them on the bristles.

To get the most of your brushes, store in a place that will not bend the tips or flatten the bristles. It is recommended that you do not leave your brushes soaking in water because you will bend the tips and cause separation of the bristle hairs.

Please note, These are the original Loew Cornell product, under a different Brand.


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