Art Factory, Perfect Petal, Lg

Art Factory



 Our Large, Perfect Petal Brush from Art Factory is part of their Studio Collection,

This brush will help you start your petal shape with a super sharp point and finish with a nice round belly for the most adorable flower designs.

You can use a double load technique, loading one colour at the base and one on the tip of your brush to create beautiful looking flowers.

Art Factory Studio brushes are long lasting, synthetic brushes that providing perfect bounce and control for face painting.

Brush features synthetic bristles, Seamless, nickel plated ferrules and Painted Wood Handle.

Brush Length 190mm

Bristle Width, 6mm

Bristle Length 15mm

Art Factory Brushes are made without harming any animal. 

Face Painting Brushes are disposable, but extending the life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. Dont leave in water and clean with Brush Soap or Cleaner and dry after every use.


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