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Our Fiesta, Chunky Glitter Mix by Art Factory is a great way to add a little touch of sparkle to your designs or possibly a lot of eye-catching bling to the hair or body.

Glitter includes various shades and sizes of including Blues, Golds and Pinks.

Excellent for adding sparkle to face painting, body art and festival make up.

Art Factory cosmetic polyester based glitter is tested safe for use on skin and hair. 

Chunky glitter can be applied over wet face paint, while it is still damp and can also be applied over glitter glue for durable applications.

Alternatively, mix with a gel base to create your own glitter gel and then apply using a brush or silicon applicator on skin or hair. 

As with all glitters, Not recommended for small children as the glitter can be smeared into their eyes.

FDA does not approve the use of chunky glitter for eye makeup. Please avoid direct contact with eyelids, and surrounding area.

To remove the glitter, simply use soap and water however to remove the majority before washing, utilise a card, such as a business card and glide across the skin lifting off the majority of the cream.  

Alternatively, to avoid rinsing glitter down the sink, wipe the creme off with a paper towel and throw away.

Contains approx. 30ml (28g) product within 50mm Dia Jar, 25mm high.

Due to the different densities of each glitter shade, these glitters have a price that is established by volume, not by weight. Glitter may settle after being filled depending on the glitter shape and weight. Shake to remix glitter if needed.

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