Andrea Moje, Lush Leaf 5/8"

Art Factory



Our Andrea Moje, Lush Leaf 5/8" Brush is part of the Art Factory Pro. Collection

Art Factory partnered with Andrea Moje to develop her new range of brushes.

This brush was designed for painting Andrea's signature styles of leaves, but also works amazingly for all types of styles and designs.

Andrea paints roses wherever she goes, on the skin, on canvas, or even found objects. You can always find them as part of her beautiful mixed media art.

The brushes are thick and made to hold a lot of paint to help you create stunning body art designs that are dramatic as well as romantic.

Brush features white nylon bristles, seamless, nickel plated ferrules and wood handle.

Brush Length 200mm

Bristle Width, 14mm

Bristle Length 55mm

Andrea is a certified acrylic paint instructor and teaches face painting classes at all of the major industry conventions across the United States. Over the years she has developed a unique style that combines the best of acrylic painting techniques with traditional face painting and airbrushing.

 Art Factory Brushes are made without harming any animal. 

Face Painting Brushes are disposable, but extending the life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. Dont leave in water and clean with Brush Soap or Cleaner and dry after every use.

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