Global, Cream Blending Cakes

Global's Cream Blending Cakes are soft and malleable, drying to a comfortable, blend-able and flexible finish. Perfect for large surface area base work, dry brushing and gentle colour washes and seamless gradients.

The difference between Cream Blend Cakes and Water Based Colours is simple: The Water Based colours give you crisp, sharp lines of bold colour that do not bleed and stay sharp, where as the new Cream Blending Paints are a softer cake formulation, giving a buff-able finish that can be manipulated to blend away edges or melt between two colours for a seamless gradient effect.

Basically, as this is a cream blend it smudges and blends rather than creates a solid line that won’t smudge.

Can they work together? Yes, check out the product descriptions for further info.

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