Face Paints Australia, Neon - Items tagged as "Superstar-16g-buy-6-get-1-free"

Formulated from high quality cosmetic grade ingredients, FPA colours are easy to blend and the bright shades in the range will pop from a distance.

FPA Neon's glow fiercely under blacklight. Perfect for glow parties, raves and festival’s.

FPA products contain no animal ingredients by-products, in the manufacturing process, and are not tested on animals. Perfume Free.

FPA, Neon colours, as other brands, are made with pigments that have not been approved by the FDA to be used in cosmetics (the FDA has not tested them yet for cosmetic use)

Note from manufacturer, they have been independently tested by BioScience, Oxford UK. and are fully compliant and have been determined safe for cosmetic use.

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