Glitter Tattoo, Flower Anni




Ybody, Glitter Tattoo, Flower Anni (322)

Clean the skin area with an isopropyl alcohol wipe and allow a few seconds to dry. Peel off the white part of the 3-part stencil and place on the desired spot on the skin. Carefully remove the clear part of the sticker to leave the black stencil in place.

Cover the exposed skin area thoroughly with a thin layer of Ybody Pink Glue. Remove the stencil and wait until the glue becomes completely transparent.

Sprinkle, puff or apply glitter with a brush, press the glitter into the glue with a brush or a sponge, clear the left over glitter with a brush.

Glitter Tattoos should easily last a week if they are placed in an area which is not rubbed harshly by clothing, use isopropyl alcohol or baby oil or other oil-based lotion if required to remove earlier.

Advice, Hints and Tips

For external use only. never use close to the eyes, and should be used with adult supervision

Store your stencils away from direct sunlight.

Always remember to close the glue bottle immediately after use to avoid evaporation

Ybody glitters are very finely cut so avoid working in a windy place

Be careful not to apply any alcohol-based product such as perfume directly over the glitter tattoo or the glue base might dissolve

Glitter Tattoos are not recommended for use on under 3's, above the neck-line or over broken skin.


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