Velvetouch, Chisel Blender No 2


£3.10  £5.65


Our Velvetouch, No 2 Chisel Blender Brush from Princeton has a tighter blend of filaments and is a shorter length than the flat shader, offering greater precision and control for blending, creating sharp edges and fitting into tight spaces.

bristle length, 5mm

bristle width, 3mm

Velvetouch™ is Princeton’s best quality brush.

The blend of synthetic is unique to each individual shape to enhance performance.   These brushes have soft-finish wood handles to complement the enhanced performance and experience of the Velvetouch filaments, resulting in a brush that feels as good in the hand as it does when applying paint.

Containing a blend of luxurious NextGen synthetic filaments, Princeton Velvetouch Series 3950 Synthetic Brushes are the ultimate mixed media tool for water, acrylics, and oil paints. 


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