Mehron, Syn Wax




Our Mehron Syn Wax, was developed as an alternative to traditional modelling putty-wax and is very soft and pliable.

Syn Wax is easily manipulated to form cuts and other moulded shapes. This wax stays flexible and is great for eyebrow block and injuries located on moving body parts like the face and joints.

Knead the wax until the warmth from your hands softens the formula.

Apply Spirit Gum-Fixative to the skin first the apply wax to the skin.

 Seal the edges with Fixative before colouring. 

Remove by gently peeling off as much product as possible.

You can use Spirit Gum Remover to remove any adhesive, however soap and tepid water works fine.

Animal and Vegan Friendly

Size 1.5oz

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