Superstar, Stars




Superstar Stars Stencil 77001

Perfect to create your own amazing Body Art, the only limit, is your imagination.

Superstar Face Paint Stencils are the perfect stencils to put that extra WOW factor on your face paint design.

The stencils are made from re-usable plastic and can be carefully washed with water and a soft sponge after use.

 Ideal for forehead, cheek or arm designs.

Superstar Stencil's are flexible making detailed designs quick and easy for both the novice and experienced painters.

 Easy to use, Stencil's will improve consistency, speed and help create designs difficult to achieve by hand.

 Stencils require a little practice to learn but once you master, your designs will appear more professional with intricate, delicate touches.

 Sponge or Finger Daubers should be slightly damp (almost dry) when tapping the paint onto the stencil. To clean the stencil, simply wipe with soap and water or alcohol.

 Stencil Size: Approx. 120mm x 65mm (4.7” x 2.5”)


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