Superstar Sponge, Eco Sponge x 12


£5.99  £7.08


Our 12 x Black, High Density Face Painting Sponges by Superstar makes blending a breeze.

The Superstar ECO Sponge is produced following a unique eco-friendly foam method based on a revolutionary vacuum-pressure technique and more than 50% of the materials are products of nature. All sponge remains are recycled after being processed and will be pressed into a new material which among other things will be used for soundproofing.

Diameter approx. 70mm and about 25mm thick.

Cutting these sponges in half or quarters will get maximum value.

Simply wet sponge or paint and dab sponge into paint.

Sponge can be used by wiping across the skin in a light swift motion or dabbing to achieve blending.
By using this sponge correctly, without excess water (squeeze out if necessary), you should achieve even coverage and a thin application of paint every time.
Paint should be left to dry before sponging a stencil on top or using a brush to apply detail to design to your face paint.

Clean these sponges with soap and water.


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