Sponge Bag, Mesh

Jest paint



This incredible new Black Mesh Sponge Bag was created by Jest Paint with face and body painters in mind, although it can be used in many ways and for several purposes.

The main purpose that was behind this product creation was for face and body painters to store their new or used sponges.

The mesh allows air to go through and prevent sponges from collecting excessive moisture and getting smelly if they are used (before you wash them).

You can also use it to store other things, like the front pocket can be used to store stencils. 

The bag is made from black polyester mesh that is breathable. It has a firm frame so it can stand on its own but also be folded when empty. The bag has one top purple zipper to access the main compartment where you can store your sponges, fitting around 75 half circle sponges (without compressing them). Then there is a front zipper that allows you to access a separate pouch, also made from mesh fabric, that reaches all the way to the bottom of your bag and expands to allow you to store around 25 more half circle sponges (without compressing them). The bag has a side loop to hang it from any hook and a long top handle that also allows you to hang it from any hook and keep the zipper open to reach into it to either pick new sponges or toss used ones. The top handle is made from a silky smooth fabric with a custom made pattern designed by Anna and Santi from Jest Paint. This durable and reusable mesh bag won't stain easily thanks to its black polyester material so don't be scared to use it!

Size approx. 290mm x 225mm and 150mm deep.

Message from Jest Paints

Although you can technically machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water, we strongly recommend washing it by hand with cold water and soap and let air dry.

Do not put into the dryer. If you try to wash your sponges inside the bag, the sponges will fall out unless you clamp the openings as the zippers tend to open during the washing cycle, like with most other sponge bags.


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