Sponge Bag, Mesh (New)

Jest paint



This incredible new Black Mesh Sponge Bag was created by Jest Paint with face painters in mind. The mesh allows air to go through and prevent sponges from collecting excessive moisture and getting smelly if they are used (before you wash them). You can also use the front pocket to store stencils or small sponges. 

The bag is made from black polyester mesh that is breathable yet very sturdy, almost rubber like feeling.

It has a firm frame so it can stand on its own when filled with sponges but also be folded when empty.

The bag has one top purple zipper to access the main compartment where you can store your sponges, fitting around 75 half circle sponges.

There is a front zipper that allows you to access a separate pouch, also made from mesh fabric, that reaches all the way to the bottom of your bag and expands to allow you to store around 25 more half circle sponges.

The bag also has a third compartment on the back that allows you to store another 40ish half circle sponges, or stencils or anything else you wish to add.

The bag has a long top handle that allows you to hang it from any hook and keep the zipper open to reach into it to either pick new sponges or toss used ones. The top handle is made from a silky smooth fabric with a custom made pattern. This reusable mesh bag won't stain easily thanks to its black polyester material so don't be scared to use it.

This newly re-designed bag has a longer zipper to allow you to fully open and expand the main compartment, sturdy fabric stops on both sides of the zipper to prevent the zipper from coming off the bag when pulling it quickly, two snaps on the top handle to allow you to open the handle and wrap it around something and snap it close securely.

It also has a piece of elastic to hold the main zipper in place so that it doesn't come open in the wash. 

Size approx. 285mm tall, 225mm wide and 150mm deep.

Message from Jest Paints...PLEASE read care instructions carefully.

This new bag is specially designed to be machine washable on GENTLE CYCLE.

No refunds or replace bags that were washed with a washing machine using a strong or regular cycle or mixed in with other items that could damage the bag like shoes, etc.

When putting your bag in  the washing machine, flip the back pocket over the main compartment and snap it to the front of the bag to prevent sponges from falling out and make sure to tuck the main zipper under the elastic band.


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