Sparkling Faces Ultimate Guide Colourful & Fun

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Sparkling Faces have teamed up with Elodie Ternois to produce this amazing face painting guide.

"The Ultimate Face Painting Guide, Colourful & Fun"

Elodie started as a face painter in 2014 for Disneyland and then in 2018, decided to create her business and also became an instructor for the International Face Painting School of Olga Murasev.

These are easy to follow, step-by-step designs, Elodie shares her tips and tricks with you, to help your skill level blossom and bloom.

Includes, 20 sturdy paper sheets of children and adult faces that you can paint your final designs on, 10 x magical Colourful and Fun designs, 10 x video tutorials and 1 x clear practice board and 3 Stencils.

 Simply select which design you would like to master, place your clear practice board over top, and paint.

As you follow Elodie designs and flow, your muscle-memory will begin to kick in. 

Test out what you’ve learned by moving the clear board on to the face chart to see how much you can remember.

The surface of the board is designed with a unique relief texture, so that your brush will glide across the surface easily with the gentlest of friction. No frustrating slipping to be had. For best results paint on the textured side of the board.

The board can be very easily cleaned with liquid soap and water. More stubborn stains can be removed by very gently rubbing them with a magic eraser and some sunflower oil. Make sure to wash your board with liquid soap before using it for the very first time to help break it in.

Milena Potekhina, a renowned artist from Russia, worked closely with Svetlana to design examples for Svetlana's Guides and books, Milena's stencils were widely used. Click here to check them out.


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