Sparkling Faces, Practice Board, Max Right

Sparkling Faces



Our Max, Right Sided Profile Practice Board by Sparkling Faces is ideal for practicing and developing new designs. 

Max is a cool, dark skinned dude, this 3/4 face profile is perfect for cheek art, eye designs or 1/2 face designs, allowing designs to flow over her forehead.

Experiment with colours which will compliment and Pop on Max's darker skin tone.

 Idea for Left handed artists.

The designs are carefully screen printed on the back of the transparent plastic and then sealed with a thick durable layer of paint. 

This is the perfect solution when there are no models available.

Made from washable plastic that has a slight texture to reduce your brush for slipping.

Practice your line work and brush strokes on the side marked “Paint This Side” 

Wash your board with washing-up liquid before using them for the first time to help break them in.

Your new face painting boards can very easily be cleaned with washing-up liquid and water after each use. 

Stubborn stains can be removed by very gently rubbing them with a Magic eraser and some washing-up liquid or sunflower oil. 

Magic Box is proud supply this Range of Practice boards by Svetlana and Sparkling Faces. 

Size A4 30cm x 21cm.


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