Rosemary, Evergreen Riggers, 2/0

Rosemary & Co.



Our Rosemary & Co. Evergreen Riggers, No. 2/0 are perfect for creating the finest of crisp fine lines.

Evergreen Riggers hold a great amount of paint and distribute it evening with a point.

These beautiful brushes have a fantastic 'snap' which gives you control when using.

 The Evergreen range are 100% Synthetic and Vegan friendly.

Brush Length, 190mm

Bristle Width, 1mm

Bristle Length, 16mm

Brushes are disposable, extending life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. 

Dont leave in water and clean with brush soap or cleaner after every use and dry. 

Images and size guide for guidance.

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