Pixie Paint, Absinthe, 4oz

Amerikan Body Art



Our 4oz “Absinthe” Pixie Paint is a exciting sparkly blend of all chunky glitters in various shades of green. 

Absinthe is a green and gold blend that's perfect for your fairies, dragons and other mythical forest creations. 

 It contains all chunky glitters, with just a hint of coppery sparkle to add depth. 

You can apply it to face, body, and hair. 

It's sparkles, it shimmers.

It's easy and quick to apply.

Plus it's wonderful to look at.

Pixie Paint will attract clients young and old, and we're sure it will become a much loved addition to your face and body art kit.

Apply with a filbert or flat brush direct to the skin or hair. 

Pixie paint is perfect for many applications including Glitter Hair Roots, Pixie-ish accents on the cheeks, and extreme coverage for dance clubs or festival body painting. 

Pixie Paint tends to stay put all day, with very little fallout, but can be easily washed off with water.  

Please see our Data Sheet for full Safety-Ingredients details.

DO NOT use this product on eyelids or close to eyes.  

Chunky glitters are designed for special effects, and are not considered safe to use as eye makeup.  

Avoid use on small children if there is a danger of them rubbing the glitter into their eyes.

Images. Guidance only, packaging may differ.


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