Ooh Stencils, Wrap, Twinkle Star

Ooh Stencils



Ooh Stencils, Wrap, Twinkle Star (W19)

Our Twinkle Star Wrap Stencil is perfect for unicorns, princess crowns, butterflies and so much more. 

Our Ooh Stencils, Wrap stencil's are designed to wrap around the eye with the pattern focused on the eye as a focal point, while also trailing off to go with the flow of the face you are using it on.

Ooh Stencils, created by Clayton Mastaw are high quality, reusable time and time again, perfect for face and body painting and also airbrushing, dry powders and temporary tattoo inks.

Sponge should be slightly damp when tapping the paint onto the stencil.

To clean the stencil, simply wipe with clean cloth or sponge.

Approx. 100mm x 115mm.

All stencils are laser cut from 7 mil mylar. They are durable, easy to clean and solvent proof.

Stencils, W02, X21 and T13 were used in one or more of the attached design images. (for guidance)


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