Mehron Paradise, Nuance, Sky Blue



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Our Mehron, Nuance, Sky Blue Paradise Make Up is a premium quality, water based face and body paint.

The Paradise 8 Nuance colours, are sophisticated shades of face paint that creates more earthy and rich colours without mixing. 

These richly pigmented, beautiful colours are great for creating designs from head-to-toe. The large surface of the cake allows for easy use with a sponge or large body brush.

Moisten your sponge or brush and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream. Some colours require a little more water, some a little less. 

It dries to a smudge free finish in under a minute and colours stay bold and bright.

Non-staining and easy to remove with soap and tepid water.

Vegen and Cruelty Free.

Size 40g


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