Glitter, Spatula

Magicbox Facepaints


  •  reusable mold mixers with different colors, enough for daily use.
  •  Paint stir sticks are about 15 cm in length, and the colors are blue, purple and orange (random colors).
  •  Cosmetic stir stick is made of high-quality plastic, light, not easy to break, and comfortable to hold.
  • [Easy to clean] The cosmetic spatula is very easy to clean. You can directly rinse the stirring rod with water, and then wipe it dry with paper. Easy to store and reuse, easy to carry, suitable for travel and family use.
  • [Wide application] The makeup mixing tool is suitable for mixing and applying facial masks, clay masks, lotions, body butter, resins and paints.
  • 23p each packed in 3's £1.50????

The second image white spatula, we have these in stock posible from grimas priced at 85p on the packet


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