Grimas, Latex Milk, 100ml


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Grimas Latex Rubber Milk is a liquid used for creating special effects, particularly burns and casts in plaster moulds. The liquid latex is white and becomes transparent as it dries.

An easy, typical application

 Cut two pieces of tape into a desired shape and stick them onto the skin.

Use a make-up sponge to dab a little bit of red make-up around the attached shapes then remove the round stencil "blister" shapes.

Apply Latex-rubber Milk around the around 'blisters'.

Take a tissue and pull the layers apart. Apply a single layer of tissue on top of the entire ‘burn'.

Dab all of it with Latex-Rubber Milk again, until the entire tissue (including the part on top of the blisters) is saturated.  If you wish, add several layers of tissues, applying latex between.

Carefully tear off the tissue around the blisters (do not cut it).

Dab the frayed edges with Latex-Rubber Milk too.

Dry the whole area with a hairdryer until it has become transparent.

Dab it all over with red and black make-up to give it colour.

Pull off a few pieces of latex with the Derma Wax Spatula.

Colour the 'damaged skin' with red make-up (in the middle) and black make-up (at the edges).

Add a touch of blood for added dimention.

Note: Close the bottle after use.

Latex Rubber Milk cannot be washed out of clothing.

Size 100ml, Latex is not a cosmetic.


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