Large Daubers, 3 pack


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Our Superstar Big Dauber Sponge pack includes 3 x sponges, each sponge is approx. 3.6 mm Dia.

These sponges can be reused. Ideal for working quickly and easily with stencils.

Moisten the sponge with a very small amount of clean water (not too much because then the make-up will run when you stamp).

Gently wipe the sponge over the face paint, back and forth.

Try the stamping technique on the back of your hand first.

Now stamp the Dauber Sponge on the skin and press it so that you have a good impression.

Use a new sponge for each new face for hygiene reasons.


Carefully wash the sponge with warm water and a very small amount of soap under running clean water. Let the sponges dry thoroughly.


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