Kryolan, Brush Cleaner



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Our Kryolan Brush Cleaner is a special cleaning agent for all make-up brushes, to ensure clean and hygienic make-up tools.

It is a specialist cleansing agent formulated to melt away excess makeup pigment and dead skin cells from brushes in an instant.

Suitable for use on natural and synthetic brushes

It can also be used as cleaning agent for airbrush guns.

 Directions of use: Pour a small about of the product into a container, dip the tips of your makeup brushes into the solution & remove immediately to avoid over-submergence.

The bristles will absorb enough of the liquid to dissolve all unwanted particles.

Wipe brushes with a paper towel or cloth & leave to dry.

Available in 3 sizes, 30ml, 100ml and 1000ml


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