Global, Paddle Brush, 6.5cm




Our new Paddle Brush from Global Body Art is a beautiful bespoke specialty brush, with soft but short bristles, giving you great flexibility without compromising on control.

The paddle brush allows you lay down large surface areas of paint with a precision edge meaning less time laying down your base work.

It is also a great companion tool for our Split Cakes, allowing you to pick up all colours in one swipe. The sculpted clear short acrylic handle helps to work closely to your canvas or body.

Made from specialised white Taklon and designed with that all-important firm ‘spring-back’ functionality and optimum bristle length.

Vegan and planet friendly.

Length, 135mm

Width of brush, 65mm

Length of bristles, 30mm

 Global Brush Video

The Spring Back range includes kit essentials (Flat brushes, Filbert Brushes, Round Brushes, Kabuki and Paddle brushes) and fine detail brushes, and also a carefully curated selection of specialty brushes (Rake brush, script brush, petal brushes, double filbert brush, glitter brushes and an Extra large Body painting brush) to assist in executing specific artists painting technique with ease.

These long-lasting brushes have acrylic handles (no flaking like wooden handles!), a tapered end for sectioning and scooping paints and densely packed nickel plated ferrules that leave no space for water and paint to get trapped – making them easy to clean, and quick and hygienic to dry.

Paint brushes should be washed thoroughly in warm water and soap and left to dry.
Pro Tip: Try using a stain remover stick for any stubborn markings to keep your brushes looking fresh.


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