Global Brush Kit


$115.00 $134.00

Global Brush Kit (with or without brush wallet)

Including wallet
Normal price, £125.21, special price £106.99
(approx. 15% discount)

Excluding wallet
Normal price, £115.22, special price £97.99
(approx. 15% discount)

A professional 14 piece brush collection, carefully curated for face and body art work, as well as fine art acrylic paint work. Consisting of Round, Flat, Detail and Specialty brushes, this set will be sure to level up your tool kit and have you covered for every brush stroke, line or shape you will need for your creative paint work.

The Global, Spring Back range of brushes, designed by award winning artist Juile Tattam.

Global's Synthetic Brushes are made with beautiful teal acrylic handles and White Taklon bristles.

These long-lasting brushes have Teal acrylic handles (no flaking like wooden handles!), a tapered end for sectioning and scooping paints and densely packed nickel plated ferrules that leave no space for water and paint to get trapped – making them easy to clean, and quick and hygienic to dry.

Premium White Taklon synthetic bristles for maximum hygiene.
Strong Spring-back, giving you precision in all your lines.
Vegan and planet friendly.
Angled handle for scooping paint.
Easy to clean.
Do Not soak in alcohol.

Includes the below brushes
Click on individual links below for further brush info.

 Brushes are disposable, extending life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. Dont leave in water and clean with brush soap or cleaner after every use and dry.

To maintain a tight fit of the head of the brush on the handle, do not clean with alcohol or put in boiling water. 

Images for guidance, brush case will normally be plain without any logo's.

If you wish to create your own 14 brush set, please drop us an e mail, we will honour the 15% discount off the total cost.


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