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Our 90g White, Global Body Art, Water Based Paints have a far superior paint composition and consistency than anything achieved before, even the most demanding professionals can now turn their biggest ideas into their greatest works. 

Global realise the importance for a perfect white paint, they worked with top artists and reworked the formula, resulting in the creation of one the best white face paints around. 

Incredibly good for line-work, at an affordable price, with a rich opacity, even over dark colours.They have optimised the wax-pigment balance to ensure sharp, consistent line-work and improved the drying properties to ensure your cake consistency remains perfect after multiple uses.

You can then pop the lid on the original main jar and store it safely in your bag, away from the elements and little sticky fingers! It also means that even with the larger 90g quantity of paint, you can still access the flat bottom of the palette for optimal loading and bristle shaping.

Do not add water to the paint directly. Using a damp brush or sponge, activate the face paint to a creamy consistency and apply to the skin. The paint will dry to a smudge free finish in under a minute. Colours can be layered on top of each other. To avoid smudging when painting over other colours, wait until first colour is touch dry before applying next layer.

Global Face and Body Paints are Compliant with all worldwide safety regulations, including FDA and EU standards. 

Global products are hypoallergenic, contain no parabens or lanolin to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Fragrance, Palm Oil and Gluten Free, Vegan and not tested on animals.

Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions, supplied In recyclable packaging.


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