Glitter Creme Base 1oz

Amerikan Body Art



Our 1oz Glitter Creme Base by Amerikan Body Art is an easy melt & mix base for making your own glitter eyeshadows.  Simply melt the base in your microwave (approximately 20 seconds) and mix in your favourite cosmetic glitter.  Erika has been experimenting with it quite a bit and finds that a 50/50 ratio (by weight) of glitter and the base works best.

Visually, it will look like more glitter than base. You want your mix to be somewhat dry, but not totally crumbly. You'll be "patting" it into the jar, rather than pouring it.

To apply your glitter shadow, the glitter can be brushed on with a flat brush or dabbed on with your finger.  It can be layered if you have any gaps.

You can also mix in mica powder to create a creme eyeshadow, but you may want to add a little titanium dioxide to make it more opaque.

Glitter Creme Base won't activate the face paint below when applied on top of water based face paint as long as you don't rub it a lot into the paint.

Use Glitter Cremes with care and keep them away from the immediate eye area, especially when applying them to young children. 

Vegan and Cruelty-Free.  


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