Fusion, Rainbow Party




Fusion Body Art, Rainbow Party, One Stroke n Glitters

 Rainbow Party features a captivating combination of 12 x 10g split cakes and 12 x 8g Glitter Creams, perfect for creating stunning designs and full-face masterpieces.

The colour combinations span from bold and vibrant to soft and pastel, providing endless possibilities for painting snow princesses, furry animals, springtime rainbows, Easter eggs, bold sunset-coloured flowers, butterflies and charming purple and pink kitties, among many other imaginative creations.

 Unlike water-based glitter gels that tend to dry out over time, Fusion Glitter Creams are formulated to stay vibrant and fresh, ensuring long-lasting sparkle that won't disappoint. 
Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, it includes Carnauba Wax, a natural plant-derived vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic wax known for its superior performance. Also added is Natural Microcrystalline Wax, which enhances the creams' softness, consistency and flow, ensuring effortless application.

Rainbow Party Palette contains:

 Row 1: Pink Crush, Unicorn Freckles, Tiger Flare, Fairy Sprinkles, Golden Fairy, Golden Rays.

Row 2: Aurora, Ocean Dive, Pink Delight, Mystical Purple, Twinkle Stars, Pixie Kiss.

Row 3: Flaming Hot, Tropical Flames, Rain Forest, Glacier Cold, Valentine Roses, Lavenders.

Row 4: Sweet Teddy, In Black and White, Unicorn Mane, Tropical Rainbow, Purple Flames, Rainbow Flow.

Colour Shift Glitters: Pink Crush, Tiger Flare, Ocean Dive & Pink Delight.

UV Reactive Glitters: Unicorn Freckles, Fairy Sprinkles, Golden Fairy, Aurora &  Mystical Purple

Using a silicone applicator or short angle or filbert brush with firm bristles load some glitter and spread it over the desired area. Easily removed with soap and water or just a paper towel or wet wipe.

Fusion's split cakes just require a flat face painting brush and water to get started. For flowing cheek art designs use a 3/4" or 1” flat brush to load all of the colours in the split cake or use smaller flat brushes to just pick up a few of the colours. Make sure to start with a slightly damp brush and add more water as needed by just dipping one corner of the brush lightly into your water.

Store in a dry and cool place away from a direct source of light.

Case is approx. 210mm x 200mm x 19mm.


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