Fusion, Rainbow Cake, Unicorn Party




Our Fusion, 50g Unicorn Party, Rainbow Cake, utilise unique formula’s that are sourced from the highest quality pigments and additives to assure world class consistency. 

This is a remake of the old Neon Unicorn Party version, now with regular colours.

You will find so many uses for this gorgeous rainbow cake. 

Unicorn Party has the advantage of having a softer end with that gentle teal by the edge. You can use it for unicorn hair, as a background to paint a unicorn on top, or to create traditional butterfly, unicorn or fairy wings.

Includes: Prime Bright Violet, Prime Pink Sorbet, Pastel Orange, Prime Bright Yellow, Fresh Green, Pastel Blue Green.

Simply load a paint sponge with some or all of the colours in this cake by moving the sponge from side to side, and then tapping the colours just where you want them. You can create amazingly colourful designs with just one cake. Take care using just enough water to activate and load your sponge to get a clean impression. You can also use these larger rainbow cakes for 1 stroke painting if you load up just a few of the colours at a time with a 1” or smaller flat brush. 

 Water based, Non-staining and easy to remove with soap and tepid water.

Compliant with all worldwide safety regulations, incl. FDA and EU standards.

Fusion Face and Body Paints are made in China under the direction of Fusion Body Art. All FD&C and D&C pigments are manufactured in the USA, guaranteeing that only the safest pigments make it into Fusion Body Art.

Store Fusion Body Art Paints in a dry location away from extreme heat, humidity or cold. Use paint within 12 months from opening to ensure freshness.

✓ Vegan Friendly  ✓ Not Tested on Animals  ✓  Gluten Free  ✓  Perfume Free  ✓ Paraben Free.


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