Fusion Pastel 25g, Purple




Our Fusion, Pastel Purple has been developed as an exquisite water activated line of Pastel face painting colours using only the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients. 

Perfect for Petals, Flowers, Unicorns, Soft Rainbows, Tiara's and so much more.

Check out Elodie's beautiful pastel inspired designs attached.

 Dry quickly and once dry have a smudge resistant finish

 You can layer colours on top of each other once the base colour is dry, and you can blend Fusion Body Art Face Paints while they are still wet to make endless beautiful shades.

They provide an outstanding coverage with just one layer, allowing for a soft and flexible finish that won’t make your skin feel tight or heavy. 

Vegan friendly, gluten, paraben and perfume free and are not made from animal bi-products or tested on animals.

Contain's only high-quality FDA and EU compliant ingredients.

Store in a dry location and use within 12 months from opening.

 Size: 25g

Images (for guidance) by Elodie, using Fusion, Lodie Up, Pastel Delight Palette and Pastel Rainbow Palette. Additional colours may have been used.


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