Fusion Palette, Sampler




Our Fusion Sampler Palette includes 12 Fusion Body Art Prime colours: Strong Black, White, Brown, Cardinal Red, Orange Zest, Bright Yellow, Fresh Green, Lime Green, Fresh Blue, Light Blue, Royal Purple and Magic Magenta.

There are approximately 10g of face paint in each container. The containers are removable to use separately and to make cleaning the palette easier.

 Fusion Face and Body Paint is fast and easy to apply with a slightly wet brush or sponge and easily removed with soap and water.

Fusion Paints dry quickly, and once dry have a smudge resistant finish. 

You can layer colours on top of each other once the base colour is dry, and you can blend the Paints while they are still wet to make endless beautiful shades.

Vegan Friendly...Not Tested on Animals, Gluten, Perfume and Paraben Free.

 Please note, some colours may stain skin temporarily. 

Keep lids closed when not in use. Use within 12 months of opening.

All cosmetics can, on rare occasions cause allergic reactions. 

Test by placing a small amount to the wrist, if reaction occurs within 30 minutes discontinue use. Do not apply to sensitive or broken skin. 

Because this product can stain other surfaces, please avoid contact with carpets, fabrics and upholstery. 

Palette Dimensions: 225mm  x 105mm  x 19mm. 


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