Fusion 32g, U.V. Neon Green




Our Fusion Body Art, U.V. Neon Green paint was developed to glow under a black light but also to have a day glow effect under natural light. 

Fusion’s UV reactive collection of colours can be used to create glowing designs that can bee seen from far.

Fusion Body Art Face Paints dry quickly, and once dry have a smudge resistant finish

You can layer colours on top of each other once the base colour is dry, and you can blend Fusion Body Art Face Paints while they are still wet to make endless beautiful shades.

They provide an outstanding coverage with just one layer, allowing for a soft and flexible finish that won’t make your skin feel tight or heavy. 

Vegan friendly, gluten, paraben and perfume free and are not made from animal bi-products or tested on animals.

Note from Fusion Body Art.

Although the pigments used on this range have been widely used in the face and body art industry for over 20 years, the FDA and EU Commission has not yet approved them for cosmetic use, hence their designation as special effects products. 

Keep in mind that this only means that the FDA and EU have not considered these pigments risky enough to spend their time looking into them, just like it happens with henna and regular tattoo inks. 

It does not mean they have been banned or determined unsafe by the FDA or the EU. In fact, these neon /uv paints have been tested by independent laboratories and have been determined safe to be used on the skin. 

In Australia, UV/Neon paints are considered safe for use on the skin.

Store Fusion in a dry location and use within 12 months from opening.

Size: 32 grams


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