Funtime Glitter Fine/008, Iridescent Gold

Sigmund Lindner

£4.99  £5.99


Our Fine/008, Iridescent Gold Funtime Glitter will add sparkle to your face-body art designs and glitter tattoos.

This iridescent glitter changes colour depending on what base is used and natural light.

Available in 3 sizes,

25g Normally £5.99, Special price £4.99

50g Normally £9.99, Special price £8.99 or

100g Normally £18.99, Special price £14.99

It has a fantastic texture and is skin safe.

Simple to use, dip your brush or finger in glitter and apply to damp paint or add a little Vaseline where you would like to apply the glitter, then add glitter.

For longer applications use a Glitter Gel Base or Body Glue.

Allow the glue on the skin to become translucent before applying the glitter powder.

Avoid use close to the eyes, use extra care when applying to younger children.

Remove with wet cloth, soap and water.

Size 0.008" 0.2mm (200microns) Manufactured in Germany.

HEX: 2510-321-3hex.

Images for guidance only, colours may vary slightly.


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