EZ Stencils, Butterfly

Susy Amaro



The new EZ Stencil collection by Susy Amaro is here.

Our Butterfly design is a 9 stencil set, great for regular Face Painting and Airbrush.

Dampen a sponge or dauber with paint and tap over the stencil while holding it tight to the skin. After the paint is applied, peel the stencil off carefully. Please note, if your sponge has too much moisture in it, the design may bleed underneath.

Cleaning is simple, just wipe with warm soapy water, and lay flat to dry on a towel.

Includes (approx.)

3 x stencils 110mm long x 105mm wide,

2 x stencils 90mm x 70mm,

2 x stencils 85mm x 65mm,

2 x stencils 65mm x 35mm,

EZ Face Painting Stencils are laser cut onto flexible 7 millimeter Mylar.


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