E.G.B. 10g, U.V. Spot On

Essential Glitter Balm



Our 10g U.V. Spot On by Essential Glitter Balms are Cosmetic grade glitter blends created by Australian, Nicole Weiler of Incendium Arts.

The Non Smear formula will enhance your designs rather than ruin it.

Apply over face paint, make up, or on its own for high impact effects with stunning colour combinations throughout the range.

 Containers do not appear to be full, they are filled by weight rather than volume.

Similar to a thick waxy lip balm and with the first ingredient being glitter, it is densely packed with tons of gorgeous chunky glitters.

Highly condensed product with no filling agents, use sparingly as a very small amount goes a long way. No adhesive is needed

EGB blends soft paraffin wax with natural beeswax and pure essential oils to suspend the glitter, the end result is a highly concentrated, sparkling marvel that is resistant to weather changes and even better “time” this product does not age, expire, loose it's shine or dehydrate like gel products do.

Apply with the flat end of a brush handle or small spatular.

Remove Glitter Balms by firmly wiping the glitter off with a soft cloth or paper towel or using something like a business card to scrape it off the surface of the skin gently and avoiding using sharp corners by the eye. If there is any remaining residue you can wash it off with soap and water or wipe it off with a make up remover

EGM claims to be vegetarian but is not vegan as it is made with beeswax.

To remove the glitter, simply use soap and water however to remove the majority before washing, utilise a card, such as a business card and glide across the skin lifting off the majority of the cream.

Alternatively, to avoid rinsing glitter down the sink, wipe the creme off with a paper towel and throw away.

The FDA does not approve the use of chunky glitter for eye makeup. Please avoid direct contact with eyelids, and surrounding area. Take extra caution applying to young children who may touch their designs and move glitter too close to their eyes.


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