Dry Glitter Blend 28g, Illumine

Amerikan Body art



Our Illumine glitter, is the dry glitter blend that Amerikan Body Art use to make their Glitter Creams.

Our 28g (1oz) “Illumine” Glitter Blend is a gorgeous blend of Sparkly glitter.

An iridescent chunky white glitter that reflects and picks up colours, this colour matches any design.

It looks like a rainbow of colours, depending on light.

Use it as-is, add it to Pixie Paint if you like a more glitter-dense formula, or mix it with Amerikan Body Art Glitter Creme Base (or your preferred oil/wax based product)

Glitter Cremes, Pastes and Balms are wax/oil based so that they do not activate your water based face paint when you apply them on top of your face painting designs. They don't dry out and are very easy to use

This glitter blend is NOT suitable for Aloe-water based formulas or alcohol based creams, as they may effect your designs.

Images for guidance only.


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