Dream Colour, Safari



After a long process Superstar have succeeded in producing there own

Rainbow Cakes, called Dream Colours. A dream come true.

Our Safari, 45g Split-Blending Cake are water based body paints, vibrant and highly pigmented, perfect for face and body painting, having tremendous covering power making them very economical for use in professional face painting.

Colour Guide, Gold Shimmer, Tiger Shimmer, Copper Shimmer and Graphite Shimmer.

The "purrfect" colour combo for tigers, lions, leopards and cats.

Superstar face paints are smooth and creamy providing a soft and velvety coverage.

The colours are bold and vibrant and extremely pigmented so you will not have to worry about layering.

To apply, use a slightly damp sponge or a suitable size brush, depending on how many colours you wish to use.

Simply drag your sponge-brush over the cake back & forth making sure to pick up all the different colours. Then apply it to the skin in one direction and watch as the colours instantly blend perfectly with total ease. The colours are rub-resistant yet easy to remove with soap and tepid water.

EU and USA FDA compliant ingredients. Made in the Netherlands.

Gluten and Perfume free and not tested on animals.

Tiger Design by Saskia de Wit

Safari Design by Cindy Loridan


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