Superstar, Dream Colour Palette


$156.00 $177.00

Superstar Dream Colour Palette, any 12 Dream Colours including Case and Insert.

After a long process Superstar have succeeded in producing there own

Rainbow Cakes, called Dream Colours. A dream come true.

Our 45g Split-Blending Cake are water based body paints, vibrant and highly pigmented, perfect for face and body painting, having tremendous covering power making them very economical for use in professional face painting.

 The palette is similar as the Superstar Dream Colour Kit, but includes the case and insert. 
Palette includes any 12 of the below 13, please inform us at the checkout stage, of the Dream Colour you dont require. 

  Candy   Carnival   Emerald   Flower
  Ice  Ice Ice Baby  Mermaid  Rainbow
  Safari   Summer   Sunshine   Sweet

 EU and USA FDA compliant ingredients. Made in the Netherlands.

Gluten and Perfume free and not tested on animals.

Image for guidance only.


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