Diamond, Sponge Dotter

Jest Paint



The Diamond, Sponge Dotter was designed with the professional face painter in mind.

The Diamond Range was designed by Jest Paint and part of the Bolt Brush Collection.

The black domed sponge reusable applicator is soft and slightly flexible.

It is great for making strings of pearls, bubbles, eyes, dot patterns and more. 

Try loading with a white and then rub a little bit of colour on the side. Spin the handle and you will get duo tone dots. 

This dotter brush can also be used for smudging cream pencil eyeliner or powders for beauty makeup application.

Tested for 3 month prior to production, each brush is inspected to make sure you receive the quality product you expect.

Brush Length, 160mm
Bristle Length, 14mm
Bristle Diameter, 10mm

Made of a Sparkly Blue Wooden handles and synthetic white sable bristles.

Bolt Face Painting Brushes are made out of synthetic sable bristles, no animals were hurt for the production of these brushes.

 Assembled in China.


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