Diamond, Fresh Petal

Jest Paint



The Diamond, Fresh Petal Brush was designed with the professional face painter in mind.

The Diamond Collection was designed by Jest Paint and part of the Bolt Brush Collection.

Our Fresh Petal brush is ideal for making small to medium petals depending on how firmly you press down the bristles. This domed shape brush with a very pointy tip is great for using with rainbow cakes or double-triple loading in solid colours from tip to base.

Tested for 3 month prior to production, each brush is inspected to make sure you receive the quality product you expect.

Brush Length, 175mm
Bristle Length, 13mm
Bristle Diameter, 12mm

Made of a Sparkly Blue Wooden handles and synthetic white sable bristles.

Bolt Face Painting Brushes are made out of synthetic sable bristles, no animals were hurt for the production of these brushes.

 Assembled in China.


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