DFX DaVinci Flat Wash No 30

Diamond FX

$12.00 $17.00


Our DaVinci, Flat Wash No 30 Brush is perfect for covering large areas.

Series 5073   Synethic Mottler - Large Flat with short handled

 The da Vinci Series 5073 Hobby & School Mottler Brushes are ideal for large scale paintings such as murals and for painting backgrounds and scenery. They can also be used for washes and varnishing.

These Mottler Brushes are made of a very soft synthetic dark grey fibre, resulting in a smooth paint application. They are suitable for use with water-based paints such as Acrylic Paints and Poster Paints.

The ferrule is made from a rust proof steel and the black matt brush handles are very comfortable to hold. They are ideal for beginners and hobbyists and school and craft projects.

 Brush Length, 150mm

Bristle Width, 30mm

Bristle Length 25mm

Face Painting Brushes are disposable, but extending the life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention.

Dont leave in water and clean with Brush Soap or Cleaner and dry after every use.


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