Chunky Mix Glitter, Carnival




Our Superstar “Carnival” Chunky Glitter will help you steal the show when used on your designs.

These cosmetic grade Chunky Glitters include a variation of different sizes of fine and chunky glitter mixes.

To achieve a long lasting hold, apply loose glitters on top of a glitter gel base or body glue (for hair, use hair gel)

First apply a thin layer of gel or glitter-body glue to the skin and then tap the glitters on top. 

For a lighter hold you can tap them on top of wet face paint. 

Avoid using around the eye area, taking extra care when applying to younger children.

To remove use a wet cloth or sponge to pick up the majority of glitter then wash with soap and water. 

Superstar Chunky Glitters are made of 100% Polyethylene Terephtalate in various sizes and safe to use on skin and hair.

Superstar's Chunky Glitters are also available in sets with many more colours including fluorescent colours.

Contains: 8 ml.


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