Carnival Glitter, Hologram Gold


£1.99  £2.99


Our Carnival, Hologram Gold Glitter reflects a rainbow of colour, going beyond glimmer to a magical level of sparkle

Unlike traditional glitter, which simply reflects the light, holographic glitter refracts and scatters light to create a dazzling effect and reflect its beauty.

0.2mm hexagonal cut, cosmetic-grade glitter, approved for use on human skin. 

Simple to use, dip your brush or finger in glitter and apply to damp paint or add a little Vaseline where you would like to apply the glitter, then add glitter.

For longer applications use a Glitter Gel Base or Body Glue.

Allow the glue on the skin to become translucent before applying the glitter powder.

For external use only.

Avoid use close to the eyes, use extra care when applying to younger children.

Remove with wet cloth, soap and water.

Available in 2 sizes,

15g Normally £2.99, Special price £1.99

or 60g Normally £10.99, Special price £5.99

Supplied in zip lock bag

 Eco friendly.

Image for guidance only, colours may vary slightly.


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