Brush Pot




Our Brush Pot and Reservoir is a great necessity for face painters.

The combined brush pot and reservoir are a great multi-purpose tool for artists and enthusiasts alike, offering two compartments: one for cleaning brushes and the other for holding brushes.
The set comes with a lid for storage purposes and includes a built-in airtight compartment for acrylics or watercolours.
The brush pot also includes 21 brush holders of assorted sizes – ideal for holding your brushes during and after painting.
The reservoir includes one chamber with graduated ribs at the bottom of the chamber to facilitate easy and thorough brush cleaning. 3 graduated rests are built into the other chamber, allowing for brushes to be suspended in liquid without damaging the filaments.
Most suitable for use with water-based media.
Diameter: 6 inches (15.24 cm)


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