Bolt, Raven, Round 1

Jest Paint



Our Raven No.1 Brush is part of the Bolt Collection by Jest paint.

A black handled brush with black bristles that you can identify quickly to use just for black line-work.

Perfect for super dainty to thick line-work depending on the load and pressure you put on the brush.

The new Raven and Panda Collection of Bolt Brushes was designed with the professional face painter in mind.

These new Bolt brushes have a specific combination of bristles length and width that will give face painters perfect looking line work every time. These brushes have firm but flexible bristles that go with the flow.

Having brushes just for black face paint helps keep your other colours looking bright and bold.

Brush Length, 180mm
Bristle Length, 8mm
Bristle Diameter, 1.5mm

No animals were hurt for the production of these brushes. 


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