Ben Nye 28g, Wheel Bald Cap Stipple

Ben Nye

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Our professional quality Ben Nye, Bald Cap Stipple Wheels (ew-9) offer exceptional character realism, with intense pigmentation in a smooth creme formula provide consistent application, blending, versatility and durability

Colours include 

FX-13 Capillary Stipple, 

CL-25 Cream Liner Steel Gray, 

CL-25 Cream Liner Peacock Blue, and 

MY-2 Mellow Yellow Concealer.

Set with Setting Powder, followed by a light spray of Final Seal for extra durability.

Expect 100 - 600 designs
Size, 1oz / 28gm

Please note, this is the 1oz (28g) Profession Range, not the 0.5oz (14g) FX Colour Wheel Range.

Fragrance and cruelty free. 


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