Bam Pax, Fairest

Bad Ass



Our Fairest stencil is part of the Bam-Pax Collection by Andrea O'Donnell and contains contains 5 stencils on one sheet, ready to make every little girls dreams come true.

Contains 1 castle stencil, 1 carriage stencil, 1 mirror mirror stencil, 1 princess stencil, and 1 stencil with a rose and princess lettering.

These practical stencil sheets, make body painting easy and fun.

Each sheet is approx.100mm x 75mm and can be reused for a lifetime. The stencil design sheets are easy to use and feature textured edges that allow you to create multiple designs with just one sheet.

Bam Pax stencils can be used with your airbrush or with a brush and sponge.

To clean stencils wipe down with soap and water or alcohol.


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